February 1998

The Library Board of Trustees encourages and accepts gifts to be added to the assets of the Wixom Public Library as long as the gift is consistent with the policies set by the Board of Trustees. The Library retains unconditional ownership of all donations and makes the final decision on acceptance, use, or disposition. The appraisal of the gift for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. Initial discretion to accept or reject a gift other than library materials (books, cassettes, videos, magazines) is left up to the Director with the final retention decision being made at the next regular meeting of the Library Board.

When the Library receives a cash gift for the purchase of materials, whether as a memorial or for any other purpose, the general nature or subject area of the materials to be purchased will be based upon the wishes of the donor. Selection of specific titles, however, will be made by the library staff in accordance with the needs and selection policies of the Library. Gifts of books, cassettes, videos and other library materials will be added to the collection if they meet the same standards required of purchased materials. Gift materials not meeting such standards may be disposed of as the Library Director deems appropriate. Special collections and memorial collections will not be shelved as separate physical entities. Such collections will be accepted only with the understanding that they will be integrated into the general collection. The only form of memorial identification will be a gift plate.