Approved 11/25/02; revised 4/28/03; revised 7/28/03; revised 4/26/04; revised 7/23/07; revised 10/25/10

Regular Wixom Library card: Any resident of the City of Wixom is eligible to receive a Wixom Public Library card. Proof of identity and residency must be shown at the time of application. Wixom Library cards expire three years after the date of issue.

Regular Wixom Library card - Minor: A minor (under 18) who can sign (or print) their name may obtain a library card with a parental (or legal guardian) signature accepting financial responsibility for materials checked out on that card. Parents must show their proof of identity/residency to get their child a card.

Privacy Issue: As per Michigan law, a parent/legal guardian may be given information about items checked out on their child’s card if they present their own ID. Proof of identity will be checked with the parent license number and information in the card record.

Business cards: A non-resident who works within the City of Wixom may be eligible for a non-resident business card valid for one year from date of issue. Proof of employment and proof of identity/residency must be shown at the time of the application.

Non-Resident cards: Non-residents who live within the boundaries of a reciprocal Library Network library may use their card at the Wixom Public Library. If they don’t have a card yet, they must obtain one at the proper library, and that card may be used here.

MichiCard: The MichiCard program allows a participating library’s users to borrow books when visiting other libraries throughout the state. The Wixom Public Library accepts cards from other libraries bearing the MichiCard sticker. Patrons presenting such a card must also show a valid picture ID. MichiCard borrowers are limited to print items only. Items should be returned to the library from which they were borrowed.

Proof of identity and residency includes: a MI driver’s license or a MI identification card. In lieu of those, a picture ID in addition to proof of residency (school report card, lease, official mail) may be used. A Post Office box is not considered proof of location in Wixom for residents or businesses.

Revocation of Borrowing Privileges: To encourage the prompt payment of all fines, library lending privileges will be denied to any person owing fines exceeding fifteen dollars ($15.00.) Materials must be returned or restitution made before any more materials may be checked out.

To borrow materials: Your library card or photo ID must be presented at the Check-Out Desk. Scanned images of library cards on smart phones will not be accepted. Each patron is financially responsible for the materials checked out to their library card. The Library encourages everyone to get and use their own card.