November 2005 

The Library welcomes and encourages children to use its facilities, materials, programs, and services. Parents and legal guardians are reminded, however, that libraries are open, public buildings, and the well-being and safety of young children left alone or unattended is a matter of concern. The Library assumes no responsibility for unattended children and cannot serve as an alternative to daycare.

In order to provide for the general welfare of children, and for the benefit of those using the Library, the following rules are in effect:

Children ages birth to 6 years old must be accompanied and adequately supervised by a parent or adult caregiver at all times while in the Library.
The person in charge of the child must stay with the child, unless he or she is participating in a Library-sponsored program for which adult supervision is specifically not required. During such programs, the caregiver must remain in the building and return to the program area by the end of the event.

Children ages seven through eleven may use the children’s area alone while their parent or caregiver uses other areas of the Library.

Children ages twelve and older may use the Library without a parent on the premises with the following qualifications: 
Children who come to the Library unattended on a regular basis (2 or more days per week) may stay a maximum of two hours unattended each day. 
Proper behavior must be maintained. If the child cannot behave responsibly on their own, a parent will be contacted to pick up the child. After two such incidents, parental supervision will be required regardless of the child’s age.

Disruptive behavior is defined as noisy, boisterous, or excessively active behavior which is inappropriate where patrons are engaged in reading, study, or other quiet recreational use of Library facilities. Such behavior is unacceptable because it may represent a physical danger to the child or other patrons; may interfere with activities complementing the mission of the Library; or may result in damage to or defacement of Library facilities.

Parents or caregivers must assume responsibility for the behavior of their children while in the Library, including exercise of any measure to bring disruptive behavior under control.

Library staff are authorized to exercise the following measures in the event of a disruptive child:
Firmly explain policy of inappropriate behavior to parent or child involved.
If parent or caregiver refuses or is unable to control the disruptive child, they will be asked to leave the Library.
If the disruptive child is unattended and the parent cannot be reached, Wixom Police will be called to handle the child.

Library staff are authorized to exercise the following measures in the event of an unattended child:
If an unattended child seems distressed, staff will attempt to contact a parent to pick up the child immediately. In the event a parent cannot be reached, staff will attempt to supervise the child insofar as possible while conducting Library business. If a parent does not collect the child within one hour, or the limited supervision proves insufficient, Wixom Police will be notified.
If the unattended child is disruptive and the parent cannot be reached, Wixom Police will be called to handle the child.
Children must be picked up promptly when the Library closes. Children unattended after the Library closes will be escorted to the Wixom Police Department to wait for their parents.