Mobile Printing

Print from your smartphone, laptop or tablet to the Library’s Print Release Station (located in the public computer areas in the Adult departments). You can send print jobs to the Library from home or in the building. Cost per page: 10¢ for black and white, 50¢ for color. Funds can be added to your account at the Information Desk.

Print via Web Portal

  1. Log in to Print Center with your email address
  2. Upload documents to be printed
  3. Go to the print release station or Information Desk to print.

Print via Email

You may also email your documents or forward an email to the printer:

  • for black and white prints
  • for color prints
  • Send an email (including any attachments) to one of the addresses above.
  • Once the print job has been emailed, go to the print release station or the Information Desk to print your job.

Print via PrinterOn App on Your Tablet or Smart Phone

Apple App Store
Android Play Store